Apashe feat. Sway - I'm a Dragon

Текст песни: I'm a Dragon

We put in practice and discipline, no giving up, no giving in
We're matchfit, we're here to win
For those of you that don't know Information Information

And we're getting in without an invitation
sound travels and the ground shakes
and our society got us on the wild chase
tell 'em it we'll be back in sixty seconds with the loud bass
we're moving at our pace
Saying stuff, screamin stuff

Whats the tempo? Whats the the tempo?
Come from the same club before we and we aint gonna wait for no invitation before

we get involved

and we can make the ground shake
We got Information, Information
And were getting in without an invitation
Bounce with us
(Bounce, Bounce)


Клип на песню: Apashe - I'm a Dragon

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