Chris Brown - My Friend

Текст песни: My Friend

What was I thinking...?
Packing up and leaving
Now that you're wiser
I'm ashamed, yeah yeah...
I can't even cry
Anxiety at night
Can't make up excuses
Gotta face the music

When I see you, my friend...
When I see you, my friend...

If I said I missed you
Would you say the same?
Or if I said I love you
Would you simply walk away?
Thought we'd grow together
But every day we're further
Thought I did the right thing
But deep inside I'm dying

When I see you, my friend
When I see you, my friend
See you again
See you again, my friend
Girl, you know you wanna see me again
You're the greatest, forever my baby, my friend

('Cause you will always be my friend...)

Chris Brown

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