Deuce - Bleed

Текст песни: Bleed

Since I'm inside this prison
When I speak nobody listens
They label me villainous
Calm foreman to one religion
I'll knock their wing positions
They're going down in remission
Inside my tiny witness
Their power of one decision
Well, I stopped for you fucking cowards
You made a false description to a kid's addiction
These roids are power to your fucking powder
To my gun's ignition when it shoots the children

This is blood for us all
Don't care what you've been told
I am not alone

Bleed, what you've done
Bleed, just for us
You can hide, but you can't run
One day you'll end up where you belong
Bleed, what you've done
Bleed, get a gun
You can try and play, you're dumb
One day someone's gonna wake you up

Hey, I don't give a fuck
Hey, you ain't getting no love
Hey, don't think too much
Cause this time you're out of luck

I'm viewed as a rebel
Who worships Satan, plays as the devil
I've been itching to tell you
I'm gonna be here longer than forever
Your sniveling won't help you
Might as well be looking down the barrel
If I'm burning in hell then
I guess we're all going down together
I won't bow even if you're crowned
I'll stick to being a fomenter, don't lose Armageddon
I won't look down even if I'm bound
Going in no direction like far redemption

This is blood for us all
Don't care what you've been told
I am not alone


No matter what!
We're not giving up!
I won't ever keep my mouth shut!
Fuck what you've become!
We've had enough!
I'm gonna watch you suffer!

Ow, take the life renowned
Now that you're underground
Took an odd beginner's sound
I bet that you're proud
Of pulling that song down
You sense you'll find your wound
Don't need you around



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