Die Antwoord feat. The Black Goat - Dance Wif Da Devil

Текст песни: Dance Wif Da Devil

Our band is called Die Antwoord and that means "The Answer"
The peoples from America, they say a little bit funny because they can't say it right
How do they say it? They say...
They say like "Die Antword", it sounds a bit fucking stupid actually
Die Antwoord, Die Antwoord
Die Antwoord
Ant-, Die Ant-, Ant-, like "cunt"
Then "woord": Die Antwoord
Say it properly
(Stupid mothafucka)
Bokkie, push play

DJ mothafuckin MUGGS
The black goat
23, the black goat
(Brats, weirdos)
What do you say?
(Misfits, aliens)
Come play with me
(Orphans, outcasts)
(Freaks, rejects, black sheep)
Black goat

Yo, so I know you're waiting for the new "We Have Candy" album
But in the meantime: suck on this

Die Antwoord

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