The Game - Sex Skit

Текст песни: Sex Skit

[The Game:] Ay nigga park the car for me

[?:] Ay nigga, you quit jumping out the car while it's rolling nigga, you gon' get your leg fucked up nigga

[The Game:] Nah nigga, fuck you

[?:] Nigga, and hurry up, nigga, think with your p, nigga, not with your d, nigga

[The Game:] Nigga, I'ma be in and out, fool, literally in and out

[?:] I don't even take niggas to meet bitches

[The Game:] This bitch always is listening to some loud ass music
Tamika, open the fucking door!

[Tamika:] Nigga, it's already unlocked, and why you beating on the motherfucking door like you the police or something?

[The Game:] Bitch, shut up!

[Tamika:] Bitch? I ain't your bitch

[The Game:] Aight, my bad, you know I'm just playing with you.
Bitch, hurry up and take them clothes off I ain't got all day

[Tamika:] Nigga, fuck you. Don't rush me

[The Game:] Why you always listen to this shit?
Turn this shit off T-Boz be killing yo motherfucking ass, she heard you fucking this song up

[Tamika:] Ha, nigga fuck you, I can sing
Uh uh, what the fuck you doing? That's TLC, nigga!

[The Game:] Fuck all that, I'm bout to put on some oldies in this motherfucker.
Yeah, that's the fuck I'm talking bout, turn yo ass over

[Tamika:] Mm mm nigga, fuck me doggystyle

[The Game:] Doggystyle? Bitch, I ain't Snoop, I'm getting on top

[Tamika:] Whatever, nigga, just give me the dick and shut the fuck up

[The Game:] You shut the fuck up

[Tamika moans]

[The Game:] That's my pussy

[Tamika:] It's yours

[The Game:] That's my pussy

[Tamika:] It's your, baby

[The Game:] Say my name

[Tamika:] Jayceon, uh

[The Game:] Jayceon's pussy?

[Tamika:] Jayceon pussy, baby, that's yo pussy

[The Game:] You like it? (Yeah). You love it?

[Tamika:] I love it
Fuck me baby

[The Game:] You got some bomb ass pussy

[Tamika:] Well, fuck me all day then

[The Game:] Nah, watch out, I can't

[Tamika:] The fuck you mean you can't?

[The Game:] Bitch, I got somewhere to go!

[Tamika:] Where the fuck you gotta go?

[The Game:] None of your motherfucking business. I'm out, watch out

[Tamika:] So what now, you finna be out?

[The Game:] Nah, I'm bout to go get in the shower. Ay, iron my flag for me

The Game

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