T.I. feat. London Jae, Rara, Tokyo Jetz & Lady G - Lazy

T.I. - Lazy

Текст песни: Lazy

Know why you broke because you niggas is lazy
(hold up tell em)
Dont wanna be a monster but this what they made me
(I am what I am so)
Start getting this money they thought i was crazy
(im out of my mind tell em)
I know why you broke you niggas is lazy

Ain't got that problem damn thats fucked up problem
Going out bout these dollars hustle up stack these dollars
Waking up early going to go get it coming home go to sleep with it pray to God everyday let a young nigga ball
(but you niggas is lazy)

Verse 1 TIP
Tell me why everytime i see you niggas you be all on instagram showing money off
Poppin' bottles at the strip club still living at yo momma house know what the fuck you celebrating for if you ain't got it what the fuck you on vacation for
Make it seem like you ain't rushing tryna take it slow 29 nigga what the fuck you waiting for remain focus on yo grind keep it on yo mind
Universe can't deny you when you bonafide hey why you niggas taking pictures in your whip just acquire me some land it's a gold mine
Ain't no more waiting on niggas to put you on better get your hustle on get it going on your own boy and don't nobody give ah damn about your homeboy
Ain't no excuses for a broke boy no more

Verse 2

Show me another bitch you know that grind like me on some new new
And old shit don't excite me
Don't wanna hear about no ems you flip birds cause niggas go get around a bitch and try to flip words
Give a fuck about what yo shoulda coulda woulda did
In the league ain't wit all that talking say that shit again
Catching plays serving jays just to go buy michael jays
Michael played you ain't gotta ride where michael play
Fucked up niggas loved to flex for the gram ain't got shit for a bitch and no i wouldn't give ah damn
You's ah butler at the trap you's ah doughman the type to flex with another nigga doughman like a bitch tell ah nigga no man
And take yo ass back to the 5th floor man
Fuck what you had at the moment you ah broke man you shouldn't have to tell ah nigga go man


Verse 3
Motherfuck the world & everything in it
Handle my business my business from start till I finish
Sleep when I die spit fire till i grow tired suit & tie im suit for it
Im wrecking shit for it
Freedom for it going over board catch ah charge if it's necessary
Hard on the legendary that's why you can't see me on TV
Hustle in 3D
Bitch im on point with it i pull up like the point with it one shot from the cannon leave these pussy niggas dead smoking like ah
Been had what it take to be these momma told me keep my grass cut cause you know these niggas shady go & get em baby
Staying ya lastest & stay in ya lane stay on the top stay out the business and roll with niggas and know the thing
Keep these niggas out your business they like hoes & shit keep God first keep on pushing & keep on rolling with it



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