Владислав Курасов (Vlad Kurasov) - I'm Insane

Eurovision 2016 / Украина

Текст песни: I'm Insane

Love we let down.
Was like miracle.
Maybe typical.
We weren’t brave.
Couldn’t save, our love!
I realized.
You are mystery.
I’m missing it.
Wait, I’m afraid.
It’s too late, late!

I’m insane, I want you near.
I’m insane, come on, believe it.
Wait! Don’t say “Too late”.
You had to wait, wait!
I’m insane, I am still feeling.
I’m insane, I still believe in.
Love, we let all down.
Oh what we’ve done, we’ve done.

I lost my mind.
When I’ve tried.
To unite the hearts.
No, it’s too late.
You’re engaged, late!

Владислав Курасов (Vlad Kurasov)

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