Soulja Boy & Sean Kingston - Trial

Soulja Boy - Trial

Текст песни: Trial

Two kings on a throne
Free all my niggas on lock down
Free all..
Yeahh, yeah yeahhh
See this nigga, they tryna kick us while we down
But we bout to stand up and fight nigga
Heaven, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

My young nigga lost trail and he ain't coming home
My young nigga having conversations on that cell phone
That my nigga, that my nigga yeah, whoa
That my nigga, that my nigga yeah
Trapping all damn day cuz I got to get paid
I been hustling since 4 made that money four ways
Got to get it, got to get it, whoa
Get to get it, got to get it, whoa
Skreets, skreets, skreets ain't outcha
But niggas ain't outcha
My dawgs all folded
And I'm by myself, but I got to get it
Got to get it, oh ohh
I got to get it, got to get it

[Verse 1]
Switch up the, switch up the, switch up the flow
Niggas gon ride (ride)
All my niggas gon ride
Yall niggas ain't about it
Yall niggas ain't riding
All my niggas gon slide
We trap out the bando, we trap out the bando
Use to be broke now [?]
Call up Fernando, we move a Piano
I remember like yesterday, me and Soulja, 2007
Had them hits jumping like seven eleven
I remember, niggas ain't want it, niggas ain't talking
Niggas ain't bout it
Niggas you flossing
Niggas we got it, time is money, SODMG
And I be riding in foreigns, yeahh
I been stacking that paper, I been high all night
You know we with it
Jump in the Phantom and pull out the purp
We trapping so deep that you gonna get murked
Gonna get murked, niggas that [?]
I love being high, both of us [?]
Niggas ain't bout it, yo niggas gon try
Niggas ain't with it, yo niggas gon die, that's on yeah
Smoking that strong yeah, Aye, Aye

[Verse 2]
Hop out the coup, hop out the coup
I got the chews for sure
Look at the Rollie, and look at the Cuban
All of my diamonds so froze
I hop on the P.J, then I go do a show
50k on the low, Ap watch it grow, yeah
Get to the cash, get to the bandz, running it up
All of this cash, all of this bandz, you know we gon stunt
Hop ou the truck, girls and all
Zan with the, zan with the lean
I took your girl to some lean
I took your girl toAyeyeah
Hopping out with Versace, everything on me clean
Everything on me new, two cups full of juice
I just hopped out the coup
Bille truck, I bought two
And we riding in foreigns, all this money is coming
All this money is pouring
Flying i'm souring

Soulja Boy

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